Interesting tasks and comfortable office

Why is it interesting to work with us

We give necessary skills

We give employees knowledge they don’t get at the university. Each project is an invaluable experience which couldn’t be found neither in books nor in teachers' lectures.

We are always learning

The company never stands still. Development - is our job! Whether it is the evolution of a particular project or personal professional growth of our employees. We are constantly in a dynamic learning process, solving the current workloads.

We are a team of professionals

In order to become a good specialist, you need to work in a team of professionals! You will learn from real pros, fans of their work, from those who "live" with their favourite work.

We use right solutions

Web Development is a dynamic and mobile direction , which changes every day. You need to use the right solutions to be successful and to reach a new level!
We are working on a new "clean" programming language Ruby. With a flexible and simple Ruby we have significantly accelerated the development of web projects. Right technical solutions allow programmers to implement their ideas in a more simple and accessible form. So that is how highly loaded web projects with a friendly interface are created in «TAG» with minimal time and resources.

In brief

Flexible work schedule with a possibility to choose convenient working hours. We have an eight-hour working day which starts from 8 to 10 and one hour break for lunch.
All public holidays are weekends. The company provides 24 days of paid vacation per year.
We want all employees feel themselves comfortable and safe! Therefore, there is a resting zone in the office, where every employee can relax at lunchtime or after working hours, switching off to games.
We consider either candidates with experience or without it. More detailed requirements you will find in description of current vacancies.