Modern approach. Effective development.
  • Ruby on Rails

    high speed of web-application development on the multi-level framework, with MVC architecture

  • Ruby

    object-Oriented Programming with pleasure on expressive and brief language

  • MongoDB

    super-fast document-oriented database, horizontal scalability out of the frame, without the data schema

  • PostgreSQL

    most advanced relational open source database, reliability and stability at high loads

  • Elasticsearch

    distributed search and analytics engine

  • React

    building user interfaces

  • Redis

    in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker

  • Slim template

    reduction in html-code using a fast template engine for Ruby

  • Compass Framework

    simplification of life with cross-browser css, set of ready-made functions and impurities for scss

  • RVM

    switching between Ruby, Ruby on Rails versions and projects with different sets of gems

  • Nginx HTTP server

    creation of loaded systems with using fast and reliable server for static

  • Unicorn

    usage of all advantages of Unix-like operating systems, load balancing at the core level

  • Capistrano

    deployment of web-applications and automation of tasks on one or more remote servers

  • Chef

    cross-platform toolkit for automated server configuration management