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Evolutionof our ideas into our projects

  • strategy

    It all starts with an idea. Our ideas are realized in real projects. We pay attention to details at all stages of design: during concept formation, development strategy of web-resource, in work planning and goal setting. In such a way we create useful and easy services.

  • web development

    Evolution of Web-solutions makes us move forward even faster! Using modern technologies, we optimize all stages of creating a web resource: the design, layout, programming, content. Minimum of routine - maximum of creativity!

  • promotion

    Promotion of the web resource is a creative process! Therefore, we find new solutions, generate bold ideas, experiment with approaches to SEO, internal optimization, SMM, contextual advertising.


Modern approach. Effective development.

  • Ruby on Rails

    high speed of web-application development on the multi-level framework, with MVC architecture

  • Ruby

    object-Oriented Programming with pleasure on expressive and brief language

  • MongoDB

    super-fast document-oriented database, horizontal scalability out of the frame, without the data schema

  • Elasticsearch

    distributed search and analytics engine

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